If you’ve been following #BEDN on this blog, you’ll know that I spent the first weekend of the month staying with friends in London- some of my favourite folk.  You may have seen here that we spent most of our weekend eating, and who doesn’t enjoy a weekend of good company and good food? For our Sunday lunch, we headed to Mark Hix’s Tramshed in Shoreditch. The menu’s basic concept is Chicken or Steak, and not a lot else in between. If you’re veggie, it’s probably not the place for you!


You’ll have noticed above, the rather large bovine installation? Yep, that’s a massive Damien Hirst towering above the restaurant. The decor was quite simple, but that’s all it really needed. The building is interesting enough (surprisingly, it’s an old tramshed, duh) as it is to need anything more fancy, and I always love brick shaped glossy tiles, so the wall finish is a winner. Oh, and in keeping with the Brit Art theme, the entrance hall had some slightly questionable Chapman Brothers wallpaper- interesting illustrations.


As for the drinks menu, we stuck to the house cider (which I’m told was rather dry despite being described as medium), and I went for the cheapest white on the menu, which was a nice enough but nothing special Chardonnay.   There was a pretty extensive cocktail menu too, should you want to push the boat out properly.


As for the food, we went for the roast chicken for 2/3 to share (£25. Because we’re greedy we had this between two)- this came quite spectacularly upside down sitting atop a bed of skinny chips. The chicken was lovely, although things got a little messy when we opted to carve it ourselves. In hindsight that wasn’t the best idea! The chicken came with a rich but not too thick chicken gravy which was perfect. I’ve never understood the whole idea of gravy with chips before, but this really did just work. As for the chips, these were AMAZING. I think they were cooked in chicken fat- they were perfectly crisp outside, fluffy on the inside and really chickeny. I know that sounds weird but they really did taste of chicken. We treated ourselves to a side of cider-battered onion rings that really did taste of cider which was lovely, and a good, crisp batter that wasn’t too stodgy. They were huge though!


Somehow, Lydia and Andy still had room for dessert (I literally couldn’t move) and opted for the salted caramel  fondue, served with marshmallows and donuts. I couldn’t even fit in a taster, but I am told it was beautiful.

Do you think you’d like to visit Tramshed?

This post represents Day 15- ‘Favourite Folk’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


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