Ten Things #2 15.11.2013


  1. A lone trumpet busker playing in the cold, crisp sunshine on Remembrance Sunday. I parted with some pennies.
  2. Spending Saturday night at family friends’ annual firework and bonfire gathering- tradition.
  3. Staying over at my parents’ after the fireworks, and having the company of this feline friend.
  4. Rediscovering the dregs of last year’s Body Shop Cranberry Joy body scrub- Christmas in the shower! Pleased to see this is available again this year, I’ll be stocking up the next time I see a 40% discount code!
  5. Autumn leaves in the sunshine- never gets old. My personal favourites are beech leaves- the tree above is outside our block of flats and it’s beautiful. Makes me smile every morning.
  6. Writing cards- birthdays, thank yous and congratulations on the arrival of another baby cousin once removed.
  7. Hearing some VERY exciting news. More on that next Tuesday…
  8. Making bread for the work Bake Off. My contribution? This Scandilicious loaf.
  9. The gorgeous sunsets this week. In particular the beautiful pink sky reflected in the River Hamble on Wednesday evening.
  10. A lovely buzzard sitting on a lamppost watching the world go by.

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