Thoughts on THAT Christmas Advert

So, Christmas season is in full swing, and all the big adverts are hitting the TV (and the headlines). I’d heard so much about the John Lewis advert and I actually saw it on TV for the first time today. I really wanted to love it, but…meh.

The first thing I heard was the Lily Allen soundtrack on the radio last Friday, and that I do really like, but there are just certain things I’ve noticed that really bug me.

Please don’t hate me.

I really like the IDEA, really I do.

The hare is beautiful and I love the Farthing Wood look the animals have.


7 Million pounds?? 7 MILLION!

Why are all the animals British except for the Bear and the random birds? If anyone can tell me what sort of bird they are meant to be, please do let me know because I have no idea. They look Americanised so maybe they crossed the Atlantic with the Bear a few years back, but I still don’t recognise them.

The Bear is missing Christmas because he has to go hibernate. Yet the hedgehogs are still at the party having a ball. This makes no sense to me!

To the Hare- I think the Bear means a lot more to you than you do to it, sorry.

Finally, I think John Lewis could have done a BEAUTIFUL job if they’d have stuck with consistency of animals that might live together over here. Not sure what they could have replaced the Bear with (perhaps one of the hedgehogs), but it could have looked so British countryside and beautiful. After all, what is a more British shop than John Lewis? Well, perhaps M&S…

Am I just being a bit Bah Humbug about the whole thing? Maybe it’s a grower.

[Sorry- I know that video is loading really massive, but I can’t seem to work out how to change it in the HTML, apols.]


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on THAT Christmas Advert

  1. HaHa! I love your take on this. Hadn’t thought of it like that at all – except for the unbalanced relationship. Love the comments about hedgehogs and birds.

    It just reminded me of Farthings Wood/Watership Down which took me back.

    I guess the hare riding in on a hedgehogs back might not work so well.

  2. Haha! I genuinely burst out laughing at your comment ‘To the Hare’. I don’t think you’re being a Bah Humbug. Also, hibernating isn’t just sleeping / oversleeping; the animal’d body completely shuts down. I’m sure JL alarm clocks are good (massive JL fan over here, used to work there!) but a) I’m not sure a) it’s going to wake up a hibernating bear, b) it’s probably not good for the bear’s survival, and c) it’s probably going to be pretty pissed!

    Great post Josie!

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