Pitfield, Winchester


This Sunday afternoon, we pottered into town for a wander and a coffee. It’s been so long since we’ve had such a relaxing day at the weekend and it was much needed. I picked up some tiny baubles from Next (I know, Christmas is a long way away but I missed the ones I wanted last year as they’d sold out by the time I went in!) as well as a new candle for when the current one I’ve been burning runs out.

We tried somewhere new for coffee this time- a pop up shop/cafe that’s taken up residence in a shop that’s been empty for ages. The place in question? Pitfield. It’s been opened up by the same people who run a local restaurant (rather on the pricy side), the Chesil Rectory and recently took over my parents’ local pub too. I actually came here for lunch with my Mum a few weeks ago- we both had salads and those come highly recommended. I had chicory, pear, stilton and walnut which was amazing.


It’s very ‘middle-class trendy’ if that makes sense? All very expensive ornaments and homewares and the cafe was a treat rather than everyday. As lovely as my coffee was (no bitterness whatsoever, I do love Illy), I don’t think I’d willingly part with £2.75 for a relatively small cup of latte again. That seems pretty extortionate, don’t you think? The homemade sausage roll was pretty good, but service wasn’t great given that they completely forgot this part of our order, so by the time they arrived we’d all but finished our drinks.

The coffees did come in these beautiful cups from Ittala though, the mug size is now on my wishlist, but for £16.50 that’s likely where it’ll stay!


Being a pop up shop, they’ve gone for very temporary decor, and all the shelves are made out of scaffolding, which I actually really like. Although a lot of what they sell does really tie in with the sort of things I like, they are so expensive. Lidless Dundee Marmalade jars for around £20 is pretty steep when you know you can get them for a couple of pounds at a flea market or antiques fair. Anywhere that has an owl shelf is in my good books, though:


Again, pretty overpriced in my books, they do have beautiful Christmas decorations. I particularly like the miniature silver glass ones in the bowl below, which have colourful material strips to hang them with- an idea I’m tempted to take forward with my own bauble collection and collection of fabric scraps.


All in all, I’m in two minds- lovely coffee (but expensive) and beautiful homewares (but overpriced). It is the sort of shop that will fit well with a certain type of Winchester ‘set’, but I don’t think it’s one for me. I will admire their wares from afar.

Open until the end of January 2014, Pitfield Winchester can be found in The Brooks Centre, off Middle Brook Street.

This post represents Day 12- ‘Your hometown’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


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