A Day in the Life


So if I was a more organised blogger, I’d have done this in advance- that was the plan. I figured I’d take my camera with me all day and take a photo on the hour, every hour. As it turns out, I’m not that organised, so instead here’s an insight into a not-so-usual day. Whilst I get out and about a fair bit in my job (I’m a Conservation Adviser), it’s usually once a week maximum and often a lot of that is meetings. Today, however, I had a site visit all by myself so I got to wander round in the pouring rain (my notes got completely soaked!) looking at habitats on a farm. 

IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0242

After getting soaked through, it was time to come home, dry out and work from home for the afternoon.


Can you see why I love my job, even when it’s raining?!

This post represents Day 8- ‘A Day in the Life’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium

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