10 things

This is something I’ve been thinking about adding as a blog feature for a while- a weekly round up of things that made me smile over the past 7 days. Here’s this week’s edit:

  1. Catching up with friends in London- chatting and consuming cocktails
  2. Seeing big groups of Brent Geese in Gosport- they’ve arrived, Winter is here!
  3. Making Guy Fawkes cake- see the recipe here.
  4. My weekly badminton session with people from work (finally feeling I’ve improved!)
  5. Watching gulls being swept away in the strong winds.
  6. Standing right on the sea front in strong wind and a bit of drizzle- made me feel alive.
  7. A very indulgent Sunday lunch. Preview here but full details to follow!
  8. Chilling out in the dark evenings with an autumnal candle burning.
  9. This didn’t strictly make me smile, but this article on the ‘lost generation’ is fantastic.
  10. Hearing that my sister has bought me an animal themed Chrismas decoration from Germany- buying comedy decorations is a bit of a tradition. I’ll enjoy shopping for one for her in return!

So, look out for these posts more regularly.

This post (belatedly) represents Day 7- ’10 Things’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium

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