After a really hectic week, what I really, really needed was a weekend of slobbing about at home. Did I do this? Nope. Instead, come Saturday morning (Friday night was reserved for the extreme excitement of completing job application forms), I hopped on a train off to London with the boy to stay with friends. I wasn’t exactly in the mood for a weekend rushing around London, but actually, it was exactly what I needed- time to enjoy myself rather than moping around feeling sorry for how tired I was feeling.

To say our friends our foodies is an understatement, they are the foodiest people I know. To the point that Andy’s proposal earlier this year at Michel Roux Jr’s restaurant could not have been more fitting for them as a couple (in my mind at least).  Whenever we stay with them, there is always some sort of food excitement involved. In the past, I’ve had a girls night with Lydia in a tiny little authentic Mexican place, stalked Brick Lane for Beigels and perfect Butter Chicken ingredients and been to the most bizarrely located Vietnamese restaurant in an ex-nightclub. These friends are the ones who (to our waistlines’ despair) introduced Chris and I to the wonder that is Borough Market.

This weekend however, it was all about simple, comfort food, in several guises. As we arrived at lunchtime, after droping off our overnight bags, it would have been rude not to head out somewhere exciting for lunch. We settled on Greenwich market and hopped on the DLR.  On the menu? Louisiana smoked sausage baguettes filled with fried onions, sliced gherkin and roast pepper. Topped off with mustard and ketchup. I’ve searched online to try and find a stall name, but have had no luck. If you go there though, it’s pretty obviously the stall selling Louisiana sausages! Tricky to eat, but totally delicious.


Somehow, we still had room for afters, so we settled for takeaway cakes and settled down aside the Cutty Sark. It was absolutely bitter, so we chomped our cakes down rather quickly- any crumbs were swiftly hoovered up by the local pigeons.

IMG_0153 IMG_0155

We followed our massive lunch with a wander around Historic Greenwich. I’ve never been before and it was beautiful. Something about the classically inspired, symmetrical buildings reminded me a little of Paris. It helps that a crisp, sunny Autumn or Spring day has such beautiful light that it makes anything look special.

IMG_0159 IMG_0165

And of course we climbed up to the top of the hill. We had to at least attempt to burn off those sausages somehow!


As if we weren’t already food-comatose enough, it was home via Jamie’s Italian for a quick coffee and an evening spent drinking cocktails in front of strictly. I made 2 new discoveries- 1) Daiquiris are pretty awesome; and 2) I have discovered a new favourite- Cucumber Collins, yum!

For dinner, Lydia and Andy cooked us up an all-American feast complete with nachos, sweet potato wedges, barbeque brisket buns and corn on the cob. There was even strawberry and raspberry granita (homemade of course) for afters, but to save myself from exploding I did manage to resist the lure of dessert.

At this point, you may be thinking wow, that’s a lot of food. In which case, you haven’t seen Sunday lunch. Lydia had booked us a table at Mark Hix’s Tramshed and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t heard of it (no, me either) the menu comes down to two choices- steak or chicken. We opted for the chicken to share, which is an ENTIRE upended roast bird, surrounded by chips and accompanied by sauces and a jug of gravy.


I won’t spoil it too much, as I’d like to do a post on the restaurant in general, but have you ever seen anything like it? Needless to say I’ve not bee eating a great deal since returning home- I think I’ve had enough this weekend to feed a small family for a week!

This post represents Day 4- ‘Food Glorious Food’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN with Rosalilium


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