You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Is anyone else struggling to get used to the dark nights? I’ve not left work in even the dim light in more than a week- it’s making me so sleepy. I find as the clocks change, I just want to hibernate and curl up at home in the warm with a cuppa. Our flat’s lighting is pretty poor, so it does make me crave some individual lights to keep things illuminated.

My list of winter-evening lighting essentials:

Illumination in the living room. We only have 4 pretty useless uplighters in the living room, so a good, stand-alone floor light is an essential here. We have a big, burgundy Ikea creation, but in a dream world, this would be ideal!


John Lewis Malia Floor Lamp, £120

Our actual living room lamp is almost like an extended desk-lamp which we use pointed up to the ceiling- sounds odd, but it’s far more effective than our wall lamps. These are similar:


Bobby/Tommy series, Habitat from £42

A multi-purpose reading lamp/desk lamp. You can’t read in the dark, and when sitting somewhere comfy, you need something that can be angled in the right direction to illuminate your literature of choice. There will undoubtedly be a reason you need to sit at some desk or another- blog writing, online shopping, working from home, paperwork or even (eek- this is advanced) writing your Christmas cards. One lamp can meet both of these needs, and it needs to look good whilst doing it in my book.

twitter lamp

Twitter lamp by Heal’s, £150

The perfect bedside light. This is harder than you might think to get right, and it’s probably more about the bulb than the light itself, but too dim and you can’t read, too bright and you’re blinded! I like to have quite a bright bedside light so I can snuggle up with a good book, so if this was bright enough, it’d be perfect!

book rest

Book rest lamp, £72 via Not on the High Street

Otherwise, I think a simple light stand and shade does the trick!


Handmade Black Scallop Wooden Lamp, £95 via Not on the High Street

One last thing, for me it’s not Autumn without a relaxing scented candle flickering away. My Autumn scent of choice at the moment is Lake Sunset from Yankee Candles. It’s my first foray into the brand as I always thought of them as purveyors of sickly sweet, synthetic scents but after popping into their Worthing shop, this one lured me in. Impossible to describe, but it’s unexpectedly a beautiful, slightly cosy Autumn scent and it’s been burning away here for the past month or so. Do you have any favourite scented candles to recommend? I’m getting through this one rather swiftly, so suggestions are very welcome.

As usual, all image sources credited via the linked addresses- click the photo for the source.

Oh, and as the boy’s an energy-geek (no, really), it’s super long-life, low energy lightbulbs all round in case you’re wondering!

This post represents Day 3- ‘Light’ of Blog Every Day in November #BEDN withRosalilium


One thought on “Light

  1. I have to say, I love the dark nights! I wait all year round for the clocks to change so that at five o’clock I can revel in the dark evenings!

    I love that book rest lamp! 🙂

    Janey x

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