The Apothecary, Rye

I love discovering new and interesting places to have a coffee when I’m sightseeing, and this is definitely somewhere unique. I discovered The Apothecary in Rye, East Sussex last July with my Mum. My parents lived just outside the market town when I was born, so when I got an interview in Ashford last year, we both headed down to stay with family friends. Interview over, we had a little wander around town and stopped off here for lunch.


Chris had never been to Rye, so once we’d spent the night in Whitstable I decided to take a longer route home so he could see where we used to live. I don’t remember it at all as we moved when I was nearly 3, but it’s a lovely place to wander round. Incredibly busy and sat on top of a little hill it has a real old world feel to it and antique shops galore.

What I really liked about The Apothecary (other than the coffee) is that it has really gone with it’s theme and the place is decked out with all the sorts of drawers and bottles you’d find in a real apothecary’s shop.




Does anyone else like to explore new places to have coffee? Any favourite places to share? We’re back off to Amsterdam later this year and sitting in a cafe (not one of those coffee shops!) sipping a cuppa whilst people watching is one of my favourite past times.


3 thoughts on “The Apothecary, Rye

  1. That looks an interesting little place. I shall have to look out for some quirky coffee shops. In fact I am well overdue finding some new vintage tearooms. 🙂

  2. That place looks lovely – I love hunting out great coffee spots 🙂 Currently looking for inspiration for our trip to Helsinki later this year. x

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