King John Inn, Tollard Royal

Way back in August, along with my family and some Australian family friends, we went out for a big pub lunch followed by a walk in the drizzle over in Dorset. The pub (The King John Inn in Tollard Royal) was their suggestion, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect (although a glance at the website game me clues that it was a pretty well-to-do kinda place).

This isn’t a part of Dorset that I know at all, but the beautiful rolling hills we passed on the way there made me keen to go back and explore.


We settled down outside in the sunshine until our meals were ready. Being a Sunday, virtually everyone went for the roast beef. Whilst a nice enough meal, no-one seemed quite sure it was worth the rather high price point (I think it was £20+). I opted for lobster ravioli, which was delicious but not a very filling portion given that the price was also on the high side.


But, it was the puddings I really had to share as I’ve never seen anything like it! Several of the others opted for Italian sponge, lemon curd, limoncello and ice cream:


Whilst the rest of us went for apple doughnuts with toffee sauce and warm mulled cider:


Oh, and this is a little bit of a weird one, but the ladies toilets had amazing wallpaper in!


All in all, a nice pub in a lovely location (even when it does start to rain!) but considering the pricey roast, I’d settle for a long walk followed by a warm drink and one of the puddings to warm up with afterwards.

Do you know this bit of Dorset at all?


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