Country Living- October 2013


Following on from my earlier Marie Claire magazine round up, I thought I’d share another. I’ve really enjoyed being all creative and collaging these little summaries together, so I hope you enjoy reading them. So what’s in this issue that caught my eye?

  • One of my favourite things about Country Living has to be the interiors shoots, they always look so cosy and homely like I’d love to just wake up and have that be my house. This issue is no exception, with a lovely, rich autumnal pallete.
  • Purl and Jane– I’m off to Skipton next July, so I’ll have to have a look and see if there are any courses whilst I’m there. Otherwise, I’ll just have to go in for a browse regardless. I do with I could knit.
  • There are three Sarah Raven tulip collections which have me lusting after them. Just my favourite flowers ever.
  • I’m really wanting to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair in London and a lot of the featured exhibitors look lovely. I’ll have to make sure I keep that weekend free.
  • Apple Day sounds to me to sum up the season. I need to have a search and find an event near me. Otherwise, there’s always the New Forest Cider Festival in October.
  • Another issue, another book added to the wishlist. This time, An Illustrated Country Year by Celia Lewis.
  • The feature on the Great Dixter Plant Fair has my feet itching for a trip to Rye and I don’t even have a garden.


I have to admit, I feel that getting into Country Living magazine is a real sign that I’m getting old, but I can’t help but love it!


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