Y Bwtri Blasus, Aberdyfi

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit obsessive about TripAdvisor before I go away anywhere. Although some reviews really do have to be taken with a pinch of salt, on the whole it is a really reliable way of getting to know the hotels and restaurants in the place you’re headed.

No sooner had we booked our week away than I was looking up where we could go. I do like food, in case you hadn’t noticed. Other than the fancy restaurant Sea Breeze (which we never made it to), the place that stood out to me was Y  Bwtri Blasus Deli Caffi. And do you know what? It was packed every time we walked past. When it was still full to bursting on our last day, we hung about outside for a while hoping someone would leave. Ten minutes passed, and I was ready to abandon ship and head home, but Chris insisted we hang on just a little while longer. 


Twenty minutes later, we finally got a table. By this point we’d been staring at the menu in the window so long we knew our orders by heart. We both opted for the Welsh Rarebit, and it was incredible. Not a dish I think I’ve tried before, but I will certainly try again.


So there you have it, if you’re in Aberdyfi you may struggle to get through the door, but once you do it is well worth the wait.

The shop also has a great range of deli products and I managed to track down a jar of Lotus spread (literally the biscuits in paste form, amazing) that I’ve been looking out for which was an added bonus.


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