Marie Claire- October 2013


Ok, so it’s no secret if you know me that I love magazines. So much so that our flat is littered with ones I’ve read, waiting for me to go back through them and pull out all the things I don’t want to forget. All this gave me an idea, rather than just recycling them once they’re done, why don’t I share what I loved from each issue with all of you in a collage. That way, it spurs me on to read them while they’re current and also means that my flat becomes less of a fire hazard from all the excess paper.

First up? Marie Claire, October 2013 (the one with Lena Dunham on the cover). Here’s the drop:

  • A book to read- Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Added to the list once I’ve got through Wolf Hall and then The President’s Hat.
  • A film to see- I cannot WAIT to see Diana. Might just be my friend Caroline in the queue but we are pretty excited. Just us then.
  • Autumn TV- Downton is back, hooray!
  • Wardrobe wants- some chunky heeled, casual black boots for Autumn.
  • Life to lust after- Clemence Poesy. I’m looking forward to the new series she stars in on Sky Atlantic, The Tunnel
  • New discovery- the article about Anjelica Huston made me want to read her biography, A Story Lately Told.
  • And, I am aiming to embrace my pale skin and go with the whole pale but polished look. A coloured lip looks great on these ladies from the magazine, but I need the confidence to pull it off! Top of my list is the slightly coloured nude L’Oreal Colour Riche Lips. The one I’d like? Julianne Moore Barely Peach.


Have you read this month’s issue? Anything caught your eye?


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