Gooseberry Sorbet


I’m afraid life has run away with me and I’m behind on this one. I suspect most people’s supplies of gooseberries are long gone, but if you have some snuck away in your freezer, I urge you to give this a go- pretty simple and utterly delicious. After having had a lovely gooseberry ice cream at Mum’s the week before, when she handed me with a punnet of allotment surplus, I decided to give sorbet a go. I love stewed gooseberries, but Chris won’t touch them so I decided to make something that might satisfy his sweet tooth!

IMG_8642 IMG_8637

The gooseberries Mum had grown were these lovely red dessert ones, but the recipe I found online is for the regular green ones. I tried out this recipe from Cook Your Dream and it was easy peasy. The only hassle is remembering to agitate the mixture often enough!


Have you ever made your own sorbet? Is it something you’d like to try?


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