The Hugo

It’s Friday after all, so meet your new favourite cocktail. This is a little behind the seasons due to my slightly extended break from blogging, but elderflower cordial is easy enough to come by in the supermarket, so just imagine you made it yourself. Whilst I made gallons of the stuff, my supplies are long gone by now anyway!


Into a large wine glass, add several crushed mint leaves (rub in your hand to release their aroma), a squeeze of lime and the rest of the slice and a decent amount of ice. Add a dash of elderflower cordial, top with prosecco and a little bit of sparkling water (to taste). I like a fair bit of water in mine as it makes it so refreshing but you don’t want to water it down too much.


I discovered these on the menu at Zizzi at the same time my parents discovered them on holiday in Italy. On their return, I spent an evening at their house having a bit of a hugo-off with my Dad. He wanted to add sparkling elderflower and cordial rather than fizzy water with cordial. It worked, but I still preferred mine, more crisp somehow!

Delicious and super easy. What more could you want?!


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