Blogger’s Book Club

One of my favourite things to do with blogs I really like, is to save up a few weeks posts and have a little session of reading them all in one go. Whilst my week away meant being cut off from the world due to a lack of signal (wonderful, seriously), I was still able to catch up with a lot of online reading due to the wifi that came with the cottage.

I discovered Rosie’s blog a few months ago, and a post of hers that I read whilst away alerted me to something new. Organised by Alice and JennyOctober marks the first online discussion of the Blogger’s Book Club over The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain. Perfect timing to stumble across such a post, as it gives me until 17th October to get reading, and it’s a short read at that! I ordered a copy straight away (before I forgot all about it) and had a little brown Amazon parcel waiting for me when I got home.

Joining a book club is something I’d been considering recently, but didn’t really know where to start finding one, so this online solution seems a great idea. I used to read a lot, but since we’ve moved, and I no longer have a bus journey to get lost in a novel on, it is something I’ve barely done. It’s a shame because I love to read, and I’m hoping this will spur me on.  It is actually working already as I’ve promised myself that I can only begin to read the Laurain novel once I’ve (finally) finished Wolf Hall. I’ve been reading this on and off since 2009, and have re-started it more times than I care to remember but I’ve passed the halfway mark now and am getting absorbed in the storyline for the first time.

If you fancy joining in with Blogger’s Book Club too, you can find all the details you need here on Jenny’s blog.


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