Iced Tea

I said I’d give it a try and I am pleased to say it works! Here’s a quick and refreshing summer drink- iced tea. I chose green tea with jasmine but I think any type of tea you fancy would work- Earl Grey, white tea or something fruity.

This is much more thirst-quenching than my Iced Coffee and can be drunk throughout the day.


First of all, brew a couple of tea bags in freshly boiled water until it’s the strength you prefer. When ready, pour into a jug or carafe half filled with ice. Remember that as well as cooling the tea down, the ice will melt and dilute the strength so don’t make it too weak. Pouring over ice will only take out the majority of the heat, so add a few citrus slices if they compliment the tea you’ve chosen and add to the fridge to chill fully.

Once cooled, serve over ice and enjoy.


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