Iced pick-me-up


Happy Sunny Saturday! Isn’t this heat wave incredible- I really can’t remember the last time it was possible to have a sunny day and then go to bed with the guarantee of another perfect day tomorrow, can you? It seems like years ago.


I don’t know about you but on a hot, summer’s morning even I can’t face my beloved hot cup of tea when it’s been so warm overnight. However, I do still need a caffeine pick-me-up especially given how lightly I sleep in this heat. So here’s a really easy summer drink recipe- iced coffee.


Here’s how to make your coffee in 5 easy steps:

  1. Make yourself a shot of espresso (or very strong coffee if you’re using instant)
  2. Add sugar to taste and allow to dissolve
  3. Fill a glass with ice (you will need a fair bit!)
  4. Tip the hot coffee over the ice into the glass
  5. Top up with milk, mix and enjoy your ice cold coffee


Be warned though, these are really addictive and I’ve been limiting myself to one a day over the past week.

Have you made iced coffee before? Any other ideas? I’m thinking of trying out some iced green tea later today- I shall report back if successful!


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