Art in Action 2013- The Purchases

Come on, you didn’t think I’d go to an art event and come back empty handed, did you? Whilst I restricted myself to only spending a set amount all day (on workshops, food and materials), I managed to pick up a few new bits and pieces which I’m looking forward to having a play with.

I have a massive weakness for art and craft supplies and already have quite the collection, but these are new additions to the hoard. Firstly, I picked up a couple of good quality, waterproof fineliners. I’ve not tried this brand before, but having used the testers at the show, they had a lovely quality to them, so I’ll hopefully find time to give them a try soon.


I also picked up a few travel-sized sketchbooks. I love casebound sketchbooks, and before entering the tent I knew I wanted to find one to use to start drawing wildflowers. I’m trying to learn more about them, so I’ve had an idea that if I draw new ones I’ve learnt, it should help me start to process what is what and remember it a bit more easily. These are a bit of a Moleskine rip-off in style but what I like about them is they are slightly wider than a standard A5 and A6 page which is a more interesting shape I think (probably just me…). I only picked up one to start with, but given that they were really nice 200gsm paper and only £3 for A5 and £2 for A6 I couldn’t resist stocking up. I also picked up a tiny wirebound book made from watercolour paper offcuts for £1 which is great. I am thinking of doing some pen and ink studies of my vegetable plants in this one.


I also picked up a pack of synthetic brushes- 8 for £3.99. Normally, I’d have written that off as too cheap to be of good quality but I used these brushes on a workshop and they were really nice to work with. I’ve not bought a brush set in years so a new one was well overdue. I really miss our local Sussex Stationers for buys like that- it used to have a fantastic selection at really reasonable prices. Those were the days…


Finally, this is what I am most excited about and was my ‘big’ purchase of the day. These are Derwent water brushes, so you can take paintbrushes out on the move without lugging round a big pot of water with you too. The handle holds a reservoir and you squeeze the water into the brush to use them on the move- a brilliant idea. Derwent had a great stand at the show where you could try out all their new releases and as we were there pretty early it was quite enough for us to have a play with all the materials- bliss. I’ve taken a catalogue home and there may well be a lot of their new releases slipping onto my birthday wishlist!

Do you have a weakness for art materials too or am I on my own on this front?!


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