Festival of Neighbourhood, South Bank, London #2

You may or may not have seen my first post about this Festival, but this is the second and final installment. A couple of weeks ago I was early to meet a friend in London and, came across the Festival of Neighbourhood on the South Bank.


Whilst I’ve already talked about Octavia’s Orchard, this time it’s The Queen’s Walk Window Gardens.


Another collaborative project, this one is the brainchild of landscape and architecture practice Wayward Plants.

The Queen’s Walk Windows Gardens are large-scale allotments created from reclaimed windows, spanning one of the busiest and most animated public spaces in the world.

Designed by Wayward Plants, the imaginative garden has been built and cared for by the community, and its unique design sees a transformation from open allotments during the day to illuminated sheds at night.

The garden prompts the question, ‘What’s growing in your window box?’ through the stories of those taking part and practical window-box-building workshops, where volunteers learn and share skills in carpentry and gardening.*


The festival goes on until the end of September and the Window Gardens will be there until 8 September when it will move on to a new home. To find out more, check out the FoN website here, the website for Wayward Plants here or take a visit to see for yourself. I definitely need to plan another trip to explore more of the festival before it is all over.

*Information taken from the official website


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