Balcony Update- July

Things are changing on my balcony on a daily basis. It is jam-packed to the point we can barely get out there, so given how many changes that have happened an update is well overdue!


A new(ish) addition- some dwarf french beans from my Mum. They fitted perfectly in this trough from Sainsbury’s that I hadn’t found a use for.


This courgette has only been in a week or two and is getting GIANT!


Tiny baby cucmbers.


As for the tomatoes, they are truly taking over. But look how many there will be to eat soon.


Even my usually folorn looking fuschia is starting to go into bud. This sunny weather has worked miracles but requires a lot of watering!


Our latest Ikea purchase is this little greenhouse. It isn’t the studiest I’ve come across but it is so cute it doesn’t matter- and only £12. You might also be able to spy 2 new chilli plants and that my sweet peas (from seed) are growing up.

Oh, and that mint is proving a perfect accompaniment to Pimms this week.


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