Symphony of Flowers- Part 5

IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8077

Gentle as Silence by the Past President of the Wessex and Jersey Area of NAFAS, Mavis Meachen. This was one of the installations that I loved the idea of, but wasn’t struck by the execution. Representing a kneeler cushion, I thought this could be beautiful but I couldn’t help feeling that the colours were all out. This gorgeous chapel is the Holy Sepulchre Chapel, and has an incredible embroidered altar cloth that perfectly replicates the colour palette of the wall paintings. That is where this installation grates with me- the chapel is full of subtle colours but they are all warm in tone. The kneeler has the right idea with muted tones, but for me they are too cool in tone and don’t sit quite right. To give the designer credit, this is a very difficult space to work within as it has an atmosphere that is hard to match. What do you think?

Part five in a ten part series documenting the Symphony of Flowers at Winchester Cathedral.


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