Bike date

Another week goes by, another belated Bike Week challenge ticked off the list. This time? Bike date. When I planned the challenge I was thinking of combining this one with bike to the pub or bike into the countryside, but last week I came up with an idea that gives this one it’s very own post.


Being the first day of the Tour de France, and with Mark Cavendish tipped to start the race in yellow, however nice the weather it was clearly going to be an afternoon for staying in so we made it an at home lunch date with a Tour de France picnic, Eurosport on the TV and a selection of TDF magazines.

IMG_8431 IMG_8436 IMG_8437

And what a stage it was! Orica-Greenedge managed to get their tour bus stuck under the finish banner (oops) and chaos ensued. I don’t think I can give a good enough description- have a look at the photo here. Following #busgate on Twitter was very, very entertaining, but the confusion led to several nasty crashes. 


And what better way to follow up a summer picnic than with a bowl of home-grown (thanks Mum!) strawberries?

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