Bike into town

So, I messed up. When I originally set myself the Bike Week Challenge, with 9 bike themed things to try between 15th and 23rd June, I had totally failed to remember I had two days in Leeds with work, with no bike. Oops. I’m a little behind with the challenges, so they may not all be completed in Bike Week itself, but it has spurred me on to try different cycling things than I may otherwise have done, which I guess is the point of the challenge really.


That putting the challenge in context, I actually undertook this challenge before Bike Week had begun on a day off. After a couple of days of rubbish weather spent at home catching up on sleep and the blog, I hopped on the bike to cycle into town with no real aim in mind. I barely have to pedal to cycle into town as it is pretty much all downhill and only a ten minute or so ride. I took the scenic route along the river rather than the more direct, less beautiful way. You’ll have to take my word on this front I’m afraid- cycling alone makes it entirely impossible to take any photos without causing some kind of damage. I was hoping to get a remote controlled shot of me with the bike, but no luck- the out-takes are hilarious. So, here’s my bike almost in town.


Side note- really need to shorten my brake cables- my bike currently has antennae! 


Luckily, there are plenty of bike parking spots in the centre of town, so I locked up my bike  round the back of a flower stall whilst I wandered around town.


Although I set off into town without much of a plan for my day, I remembered that there was an event on at Winchester Cathedral- A Symphony of Flowers. A quick google on my phone came up with some pretty impressive pictures, so I decided to give it a go. Truly amazing- expect a few posts to follow. After I’d seen the thousands of flowers inside the Cathedral, I had a look around the nearby marquee and took part in a quick flower arranging lesson with a lovely lady from NAFAS who helped me create a table arrangement. I wanted to create something that looked very English Country Garden-y and I think I succeeded?


This seemed like a great idea until I realised that the arrangement would not get home in one piece if I took it on the bike. Really didn’t think that one through! Well, it turns out that cycle helmets don’t just protect heads from damage- my helmet turned out to be the perfect way of carrying my flowers home unscathed. I just had to push my bike home instead.


I also got so many lovely comments from complete strangers when I was carrying this round town finishing off a few errands, which was really great. It’s so unusual to get compliments from people you don’t know- I passed people in the street who commented and had several chats with cashiers when I bought a few bits and pieces. An unexpected addition to my day.

Can’t remember what the Bike Week Challenge is? Read my original post here.


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