Bike to work

Monday morning- time to crack on with getting through my Bike Week challenges.

Today’s task? Bike to work.

The reason I don’t bike to work really is that I live so close. It’s about a ten minute walk, so cycling doesn’t really make the journey any shorter by the time I’ve dug the bike out of the garage and then locked it up at the other end. I’ve only cycled once before but for Bike Week I figured I’d give it another go.


The journey was great. I barely had to pedal and there was next to no traffic- excellent. My issues with the bike commute? Clothing restrictions! I wear a dress to work most days and when cycling that just isn’t very dignified. So today I not only had to plan what I took to work with me (i.e. no more than I could carry), I also had to make sure I had on a suitable outfit. A lot more thinking than I usually engage with in the mornings.

Having arrived at the office and negotiated balancing around the side of the traffic banner, it was time to get into the dingy car park where the bike store is. This is virtually underground, with a roller shutter that rises painfully slowly. Then, when you are finally in, the bike parking is in the dingiest, darkest corner of the car park. Hmm.

How was the rest of the day? I felt quite smug with my helmet sitting on my desk, quite virtuous that I’d packed in a minute workout before my working day (hardly). But, when it came to the journey home, breezing past grid-locked cars, and getting back a lot sooner than I would if I’d have walked I really did enjoy my cycle commute.


All in all, I think I might try to cycle more often. Especially if I have to head to the gym or somewhere afterwards- it makes getting about a lot easier but perhaps I need to make sure I use a backpack that day or invest in some new panniers. And, yes, I am aware how depressing the photographs are…

Have you ever cycled to work? If not, is it something you’d try?


One thought on “Bike to work

  1. Ohhhh I miss cycling. I only live 10 minutes from work as well though and where I am moving to will be 5 minutes! So, there’s not much point really. It is difficult dressing like a ‘girl’ and still cycling to work. Oh and those are definitely some depressing photos.

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