Winchester Farmers’ Market- 9 July

A gorgeous sunny day and a pretty early start resulted in a very successful famers’ market trip. A couple of weeks back, we left it too late and other than a few bits of greens, we had missed the best bits of the stalls by the time we arrived. This week we went earlier on so we didn’t miss out, and this was definitely a great plan.


Look at those veggies- carrots, beets, kohlrabi, cavolo nero and red spring onions. Mmmm.

IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799

As well as lots of veggies, we also picked up some local cider to try, as well as some local cheese. We also discovered that the farmers’ market is a great place to find good quality, locally sourced meat and fish. As well as some smoked trout pate (yum, they are normally all sold out) we chose some hot smoked trout, which we’ve frozen so we can enjoy it another day with a potato salad. We also got 2 packs of organic beef mince for £5 and a beautiful bunch of sweet williams.


Expect to see what we’ve been cooking up with this soon.

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