Thanks to Rosalilium


On Saturday, I set my alarm for 5:45 (ouch) and shimmied on up to Birmingham on the 7:09 train (far too early for a Saturday, let me tell you!). My destination? Birmingham Blognix, organised by Elizabeth of Rosalilium (she also organised #BEDM). It was a day of fun and learning as well as lots of tea and cake. I learnt a huge deal about how to develop my blog and what steps I could aim towards in the future, but it was also all about meeting other bloggers.


There was lots of cake in the form of the Blognix bake off, the winner of which (Nic– see the amazingly decorated cake at the top) went home with the beautiful cobalt blue bag from Britstich you can see peeking out below.






There was also savoury food a-plenty, which we enjoyed sat around on rugs for an improptu indoor picnic. I was definitely not alone in wishing I had chosen a more sitting on the floor friendly dress, but what can you do?

And of course there was bunting and lots of it. The gorgeous lace and pastel toned bunting was I think made by the very talented Lace Lapin. It makes me want to make myself another lot of bunting for summer. There are only so many occasions where Olympic coloured bunting is appropriate!


The day itself? Jam-packed full of tips, to the point where I’m feeling a little over-whelmed! The day began with a chat about working with PRs from Jen of A Little Bird Told Me, followed by Social Media expertise from Emma of Freelance Lifestyle as well as a blogger Q&A. In the afternoon, there was a selection of workshops, of which I chose Monetising your Blog Effectively with Carlene from Reward Style, followed by a presentation on blog design from Kim of Kim Lawler Creative.

I found the whole day really useful, but as I’m effectively starting out, much of what I have learnt has been stored in the ‘retain for later‘ section of my brain. The working with PRs pitch had some excellent ideas, but I feel I’m still at a stage where I am enjoying writing and phtographing as I like and I will see how this blog and its readership evolve. I don’t think I’m at a stage yet where that is anywhere near my radar.

As for Social Media? Wow, I sure have a huge to do list! There are so many things brought up by Emma that I didn’t even think of. I had no idea you could schedule tweets and that there is such a variety of software out there to help you get more organised with your blog. So watch this space to see me working more on that. It may be a while though as it will have to be when I have time to get organised!

Overall? A fantastic day with a lovely, friendly atmosphere and I will certainly be keeping my eye open for the next Blognix event if and when it happened. The Custard Factory was a fantastic venue for the day, and we even had a chance to browse a huge vintage/antiques market over lunch. More on that another day.

But finally, I need to thank Elizabeth for her recipe that inspired our lunch on Sunday- Roast Potato and Chorizo Hash. Whilst Elizabeth’s version looks truly immense, I threw our version together with what we had kicking about. Namely a load of homemade potato wedges, along with some sliced peppers and leftover pancetta cubes. Delicious, but I can’t wait to try the chorizo version.

IMG_7823 IMG_7825 IMG_7826


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