Balcony update

I thought it was about time for an update on my growing gardening skills. Given that we only have a teeny balcony in the way of outside space, I’ve been doing as much as I can. You can see my previous efforts here, here and here. Anyhow, my tomatoes are starting to develop buds, strawberries are starting to appear and my Violas continue to flourish.


I was really excited when I saw that the tomato plants are starting to produce buds. Brilliant.


Tomato plants are taking over and looking more like a jungle each day.


Violas are looking gorgeous and just keep on flowering and flowering. I’m sure it has been well over a month since they started to flower and they are just producing more and more flowers.


Look at the progress with the cat mint- this is doing really well. Local cats take note.


Look- signs of strawberries!

IMG_7698 IMG_7699

The forget-me-nots I bought at the start of May have done so well they are almost over. I’m mentally planning what can live in my royal mug planters once they re well and truly over.


Even my fuchsia is starting to look a little happier. I nurtured this indoors from a plug plant and it has been very unhappy since  it moved onto the balcony and seemed very shocked. With all this sunny weather, it has started to grow- brilliant.


In other balcony news? The basil I planted about a month ago has started to grow and I now have teeny little shoots peeking through the compost. The plug plants I planted up at the start of may are all doing well, although I shall have to wait and see if they actually flower this year. I’ve even seen a couple of bees and hoverflies circling around the plants which is great to see.


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