Bonjour Blogger- June Comments challenge


Wow, a very full day of all things bloggy yesterday at Blognix and I am shattered! Today has been a very lazy day of wandering the local car boot and markets followed by a balcony picnic for brunch and shortly a roast to end the weekend cooked by the boy (read: I really am being very lazy…). I’ll be posting more about the day shortly, but for now:

One thing I came across yesterday was the Bonjour Blogger June Comments Challenge. Β I may well be a week behind in starting, but this seems a really great way to connect to other bloggers, so will be starting in earnest tomorrow (I’m out leading a bird walk tonight). Expect weekly updates on what I’ve been reading for the coming Saturdays. Or join in if you haven’t already decided to?

I'm taking part in Bonjour, Blogger!s June Comments Challenge, find out more!

PS Thanks to Louisa at Duck in a Dress for pointing this challenge out to me on Saturday!

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