Wild Olive- Summer Stitching Club

I’ve been trying to get more involved in being crafty and getting my sewing skills up to scratch for ages, and the time and motivation keeps slipping, or I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. So when I saw the Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club mentioned on Feeling Stitchy over the weekend, I knew it was something I had to sign up for. Basically, for $8 (I managed to sneak in with the advance rate of $5- what a bargain!), you get a pattern a week to embroider for all the weeks in June, July and August so that in all you will have 12 hexagons by the end of the summer and a mini project completed.

This sounds a perfect, small-scale project to get me started. I’ve had my joining pack through by email as well as the first pattern. I’m off on Friday so it seems the perfect time for me to pick up all the supplies I need and get cracking. I will report progress in due course. I’ve barely embroidered before and have definitely not ever made hexagons so I am a little sceptical as to how my skills will hold up. We shall have to see.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week- mega busy week at work and my brain seems to have turned to jelly. Will be back on form soon.


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