Time for Tea #2- Golden Nepal


During a trip into town on Sunday for the farmers’ market, we stopped by Char (Winchester’s tea shop) so the boyfriend could choose some tea samplers for our next Tea tasting. I have to say I was seriously surprised by how into the idea he got, and we came home with 4 samples chosen by him, plus a big bag of Winchester Afternoon and another couple of samples I fancied trying. Considering when we first got together, he was a milk and 3 sugars kind of guy (he’s now weaned himself down to just the one teaspoon of the sweet stuff), I am astounded that he chose teas to drink black!

This week’s tea? Golden Nepal- chosen by Chris as he liked the name and the fact that the label said it was rare. We enjoyed this on a picnic rug on the balcony in the sunshine from our new teapot and in bone china teacups.

IMG_7381 IMG_7382 IMG_7383

They say: The small tea plantations in Nepal are still owned by families who produce their tea by hand. At altitudes of 1000-2000 meters, these fine teas are produced in very small growing areas. The result is a mild and very aromatic leaf tea with a striking, medium-sized well worked leaf and many tips. It is a tea of prime quality, soft with a light, smoky sweetness and round spicy bouquet. Unfortunately only available in small quantities but secured for you by Char.


I say: This was lovely and not really a tea I’d have chosen myself. I feel a bit scared by blends of black tea as I feel I don’t know enough about them to be able to decide and so tend to veer towards flavoured black teas or herbal blends instead. This was gorgeous. I wouldn’t want to drink it every day as it would lose it’s magic I think. This was a very clean, fresh tasting tea with no hint of the bitterness that can come with drinking teas black. Definitely one for a special occasion. Or just another afternoon in the sun.

The boy says: I found it really refreshing and a light tea. It had no biter aftertaste and was even nicer on the second cup.


Oh, and in the evening we sampled Winchester Afternoon. We’ll need another couple of cups of that one before we deliver a verdict!

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