Secret talent

I have a secret talent. It didn’t used to be so secret, and it isn’t something I turn my hand to very often any more, but I am quite good at making jewellery. And photographing it- I think I might like that more than the making!

I taught myself the basics of jewellery making years back, one summer when I’d helped out on a jewellery market stall and thought ‘that looks easy enough, I’ll have a go’. I then got seriously into jewellery making when I got a job in a bead shop (which I hated, most of the time) after being made redundant from my first ‘proper’ post uni job. I sold a lot of jewellery outside of work, and got a lot of compliments on what I had made, but making to fill a craft stall made me lose the creativity and feel like I was churning out a production line. I still have my box of supplies, but I think I’ve needed the break. I’ll go back to the beads one day, but for now please enjoy the images.

IMG_2403 IMG_2410 IMG_2412 IMG_2426 IMG_2491 IMG_2523 IMG_2562 IMG_2718 IMG_2717 IMG_3072

This post represents day twenty seven of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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