Fantasy dinner party

Hmm. This topic leaves a lot to be imagined. I could spend hours deciding on what to eat, drink, listen to and how to set the table. Instead, I will focus on the guest list. I’d like a group of people with mixed opinions, and for interesting conversation. Oh and as for a venue, I’d like us to eat in the conservatory at The Pig. I’ve had my best meals ever at this place.

As for the guest list…

Queen Elizabeth I- This is a no-brainer, and always at the top of my list. She sounds such a pioneering, empowered lady and fiery with it. I don’t have anything in particular I would like to chat about, I think I would just be awe-struck. I am fascinated by Tudor history, and in particular the Elizabethan era so this would be a dream come true. I might tell her to lay off smothering her face in zinc oxide though.

Sir David Attenborough- Sir David seems an absolute legend. I love an Attenborough documentary like no other. I feel I could learn so much from him and just imagine the anecdotes about his travels?

Le Corbusier– The father of modern architecture and a complete chauvinist. I would like to meet him in person to see how much of an arrogant so and so he really was. Oh, and to ask him to admit that Villa E1027 was really the design of Eileen Grey and nothing to do with him.

Laurie Penny– I love Laurie’s articles on the New Statesman website, and they alwas incite lively debate in the comments section. Whilst I don’t always agree with her viewpoint, I generally find her articles refreshing although it does depress me the number of opinionated men that feel the need to shout her down for the sake of it rather than admit she may be right. I also think she and Le Corbusier would really disagree on many, many things which would make for entertaining conversation.

Anne Boleyn– Someone who I think has been tarnished through history. This lady had an amazing intellect and appetite for new ideas to the extent that they eventually led to her downfall. It would be really interesting to hear her ideas about religion and women’s role in society. I would also like her to meet an adult version of the daughter who was left behind aged 2 and a half when Anne was beheaded for treason.

Joseph Cornell– one of my favourite artists. I have no idea of the reasoning behind his fascinating ‘boxes’, nor his obsession with the prima ballerinas of the day, but his work makes him come across as someone I would love to have a chat with. I recently bought a book about his work and fiction inspired by it, which I am looking forward to reading once I get through my Hilary Mantel marathon reading stash (see here).

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg– I don’t know much about Queen Victoria’s husband, nor how factually accurate The YoundgVictoria is, but he comes across as such a lovely man in the film and seemed to have really unique ideas about how to solve the problems of the era. Writing this has reminded me that I really wanted to learn more about this man- how better to do so than in person?

Camille Pisarro– I came across a quote of Pisarro’s on Instagram a few months back and it has really stuck with me: blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. I find this idea fascinating as I tend to see beauty all around me in a lot of everyday things. Until I saw this quote it had never crossed my mind that not everyone sees the world in this way. I know barely anything about this man but his take on life seems interesting and I could do with a philosophical angle to balance out the stronger opinions of other guests!

This post represents day twenty six of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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