Dream job

I’m currently one of those lucky people who loves their job. Ok, it is stressful and at times I have to deal with a lot of crap, but all in all, I really wouldn’t change it (except maybe a permanent contract and upping the wages a bit). I work as a conservation adviser, which means I get to deal with something I really love- the world around us- on a daily basis. Whilst a lot of the time, my job is still desk based, most weeks I get to go out and about at least once. Yesterday was one of those days- undertaking a site assessment in a woodland. During this, we happened across this beautiful bluebell glade, and as I had my camera, I thought it would be the ideal thing to share for this post.

IMG_7084 IMG_7086 IMG_7089 IMG_7090 IMG_7092 IMG_7094 IMG_7096 IMG_7099 IMG_7101

Yesterday was one of those pinch yourself days, where you can’t quite believe that you’re getting paid to do something you love. What summed it up for me recently was around a fortnight ago. I was visiting a nature reserve within my patch with one of the wardens. It was a beautiful, sunny day and as we were walking the site we passed a man who said ‘Hi‘. We commented on how nice a day it was and the man replied: ‘ I know, so much better than being at work, eh?‘.

I don’t mean to be smug about loving my job. It probably isn’t my dream job per se, but it is 100% my dream right now job. I’ve spent the past 5 years since I graduated working in a string of  jobs that were rubbish- some worse than others-or not what I wanted to be doing, so having a job that I enjoy really means a huge amount to me and I’ve worked incredibly hard to be good at what I do. If you’re stuck where I felt I was a year ago- persist. You will get there. You will find the job that you’re looking for if work hard to get there and focus on what it is you truly want, and what makes you happy. Good luck.

This post represents day twenty one of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium

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