Favourite tradition

This isn’t strictly a tradition as such, but it’s something we’ve started since we’ve been living in our flat together- breakfast with friends. We have had lots of friends to stay over the months, and the best thing has been cooking up a breakfast for us all the next morning. This weekend, we had a quiet Eurovision themed night in with a couple of close friends- much wine was consumed, bad singing heard, and camp dancing watched. Whilst our favourite acts- Azerbaijan: the singer had a dancer in a glass box; Greece: Greek man with full on traditional band, anyone?; and Finland: comedy bridal themed bonanza, we couldn’t quite tell if it was all a joke- didn’t win, the Danish winning entry wasn’t half bad. I’m not sure that a Eurovision drinking game comes highly recommended this morning, but it was very entertaining, and I don’t think watching Eurovision sober is really advised?

So feeling a bit tired this morning, a full on breakfast was in order as per usual. Powered by several mugs of tea (Earl Grey, milk, no sugar), I got to work in the kitchen.


Whilst we were all loading up our plates, I made a comment about how I much prefer having breakfast with friends rather than dinner. The response that came back was ‘maybe it’s because you only have breakfast with the people you really like‘. Maybe indeed- I certainly only tend to eat breakfast with people I really do like. A couple of packs of bacon later, we had the start of a beautiful breakfast.


Feeling the need for some additions of the vegetable variety, as we were cooking up some part baked baguettes, I scattered basil over some cherry tomatoes (best friends, see?), seasoned, added a dash of olive oil and stuck in the oven alongside mushrooms sprayed with herb infused olive oil and chopped chives.


I’d also been busy baking yesterday (more on that to follow), so we had some Jarlsberg and Fennel seed muffins to add to the table. Yum.


I opted for a piece of baguette filled with bacon and squished roasted tomatoes, alongside one of the muffins. Mmm.


I’m looking forward to enjoying many more breakfasts with people I really like. Oh and if anyone can dechipher the meaning of these song lyrics, I’d appreciate it. Courtesy of Mr Lithuania: ‘It becomes untrue because of my shoes I’m wearing today, one is called love the other is pain‘. Hmm.

This post represents day nineteen of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


9 thoughts on “Favourite tradition

    • Haha. It’s more that the only people ever here for breakfast are those who’ve stayed overnight, so by default are good friends 🙂 It’s something I intend to keep up!

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