After yesterday’s more serious topic of conversation, here’s something that requires a little less thought. Pampering. I find that this is something I tend to neglect over the winter months, and as soon as the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds I panic at the thought of flashing a bit of ankle!

Here’s my regimen to prepare for summer and getting ready to show a bit of skin in two parts- body and feet.


Body. Summer requires a defuz, buff, moisturise and bronze routine for me. My skin is pale enough on my face, but all that has been hidden away during the winter months is practically ivory. The tools for this? A good old fashioned razor and gel, body scrub, moisturiser and a slather of fake tan. I prefer the gradual build up effect where fake tan is concerned. The full on stuff terrifies me a bit. I’m also a lazy girl at heart, so I need to point out the Nivea bottle sitting in there. In shower moisturiser. Why no one has invented this before is a bit of a mystery to me. Body moisturiser is something I tend to neglect until my skin is painfully dry, but this stuff just requires slapping on in the shower and rinsing off. Hey Presto! It’s not the best moisturising formula but it is so much easier than greasing up post shower and for me, it saves time and hassle. Obviously I won’t be ditching my richer formula body butters any time soon, but for daily use this stuff is great.


Feet are the part of my body I tend to completely forget about during the colder seasons. When summer comes around, they need a real refresh before I’m happy to bare them to the world. This starts with a sanding down using a foot file (my Soap and Glory one is the best I’ve tried), followed by a few overnight moisturising sessions (foot cream on, socks on, sleep, silky soft feet come morning) and application of a brightly coloured polish to my toe nails. Summer feet at the ready.

Just remember the SPF before you head out the door, and you’re all prepped for summer. If and when it makes a proper appearance.

This post represents day sixteen of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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