Food Glorious Food

It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that I love food. I love choosing ingredients, rummaging at a market stall, browsing recipe books, and most of the time I love the cooking too. However, I have a rather hefty shelf of cookery books which are not as loved as they really deserve to be. I am making it my mission to use them more. This month, I have been using Scandilicious by Signe Johansen, see my first post on her Baked Trout here. By committing to using this book more, I’ve tried out several recipes I was previously scared to touch, and have really enjoyed the result. I’ve now tried a few other recipes from the book (and have another couple in the pipeline), so expect more Scandi style eats here in due course.

So where is this post going? This is definitely not the only little-used recipe book gathering dust in my kitchen, I have a whole stash. I am going to use this post as an incentive to continue using the books I loved enough to buy going forwards, and to document my journey with them on the blog- a Recipe Book of the Month if you will. I’ll aim to cook at least 4 recipes from the book over the course of the month.


The books I will be using for the coming months are:

Maycontinue with Scandilicious by Signe Johansen

June– Leon- Ingredients and Recipes

July– The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

August– The Wagamama Cookbook

September– Delia’s Frugal Food

October– What Katie Ate, Katie Quinn Davies

And finally, a little wisdom courtesy of Delia. Bangers. Are. Beautiful.


Do you have any recipe books that could do with a bit more attention? Any recommendations?

Be warned, I have quite the recipe book wishlist!

This post represents day fourteen of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


2 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Ooh some good cook books there. I need to use mine more as well. Your post might’ve given me a little push. Oh, who am I kidding? lol.

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