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Another tricky topic for me. Can you tell I was a bit stumped given that this one is a day late? Books are a big part of my life (even if I don’t have as much time to read as I might like), so narrowing down my love of books to just one post seemed a rather tall order. I’ve umm-ed and ahh-ed and err-ed and I’m still not entirely convinced this is my best shot, but it’s already one day behind so it will have to do!

I’ve got countless books I’ve loved. I also have a terrible tendency to read a book, love it and promptly forget what on earth the plot was. I’m so awful at this that last year I picked up The Secret Life of Bees from the library, thinking that this was something which has always been on my to read list, but never made it to the top and I really ought to read it before I watch the film. I got a really long way into the book, and it wasn’t until I got to a part where a house is described as the colour of Pepto Bismol that I realised the reason it all seemed a little bit too familiar and I’d already read it. The book I was thinking of? The Help. D’oh.

So, here I’d like to share with you my most loved books, as well as my most neglected book.


These are the books which got me through those awkward, teenage years and don’t they have the bashed about and broken spines to show for it! Many a day when I would be feeling below par and pretty low, a hot bubble bath with either A Little Love Song or I Capture the Castle to keep me company would lift my mood. No matter how many times I read either of these two, they never fail to have me gripped, and I relish saving them for lazy days when I can read them cover to cover without much of a break. Curled up under a duvet with one of these books along with continuous cups of tea really does the trick! Both are enchanting stories of first loves, and are filled with entertainment along the way.


As for the Judith Kerrs (yes, the lady of Mog fame), these form two thirds of the Out of the Hitler Time trilogy. The series starts with When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, moves on to Bombs on Aunt Dainty and finishes with A Small Person Far Away. Aunt Dainty is only missing because I only ever borrowed that one from the library- although I have a feeling it may well have been repeatedly. The story behind these books? I don’t know if schools still do  this, but when I was little you used to get a £1 token on World Book Day. I remember every year my Mum would take my sister and I to Southampton Smiths to choose what to put our token towards. I can’t for the life of me remember exactly why, but one year I chose The Diary of Anne Frank and was gripped. Knowing this, I think my Mum chose the Judith Kerr for me as a follow on- the trilogy follows a girl named Anna who flees the Nazis before the war begins and are a lovely read. I’m sure most of these books I’ve features as most loved are technically teenage fiction, but they are all books I know and love. Its not often I read a book repeatedly, and all of these have stuck.

As for my most neglected tome? That’s an easy one:


I love historical fiction, in particular anything from the Tudor era (although Phillipa Gregory can get a bit too bodice-ripping at times), so when I received this beautiful hardback edition of Wolf Hall, based around the life of Thomas Cromwell, for my birthday in 2009 I was delighted and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The problem is, it absolutely HUGE and can only really be read when sitting somewhere comfortable. No good for reading on the go, which was when I’d do most of my reading at the time. I’ve started this countless times, and my current progress, is the furthest I’ve ever made it by about double. I am really enjoying this so far and even though I have to be persistent to keep going when I’m reading before bed and my arms are getting tired I am determined to make it to the end- I have quite a way to go:


What may well be a sign, is that when I visited the Post Office yesterday, which is in a branch of WH Smiths, the sequel, Bring Up the Bodies was on offer as ‘Book of the Week’ at half price and a in much more travel friendly size. Both books have earned Hilary Mantel the Man Booker Prize, making her the first female and first Briton to win the award twice and it’s the only time that a sequel has won the award. It sounds as though I’m in for a treat with these two, and I’m going to make it my mission to get through them both as soon as I can.


This post represents day eleven of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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