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This is another one of the #BEDM posts that I’ve been dreading since I saw the topic come up on the calendar:

Are you a Twitter-lover? Or maybe you can’t get enough of Pinterest? Do you need to share every meal on Instagram? Do you waste away the hours watching Youtube? Or Facebook is your comfort zone? Tell us about your favourite social media channel and why.

I do use social media a lot, but to choose my favourite is really difficult. Gone are the days when I had to get my Facebook password changed by my boyfriend to force me not to procrastinate rather than finish the coursework for my uni finals, but I still use one sort of social media or another on a daily basis.

Facebook- this was the first social media site I ever used. I never caught on to the whole Myspace fad, and being a student when Facebook launched in the UK, I was one of the first people to have a go. I remember my friend Kat whose university got Facebook before mine telling me all about it and being absolutely mystified, but when the day came for Sheffield Uni to gain access, I was straight at the front of the queue and quickly addicted. Mornings were spent trawling my news feed for photos of the night before, cursor hovering over the detag button, and I remember when setting up your own ‘groups’ was the in thing. ‘I’m a BBC News breakfast reader’ was one hilarious group set up with my housemates in homage to the hours we spent on the site over our bowls of cereal. I was also mystified when my friend Lydia set up the ‘I find David Mitchell curiously attractive’ group at the height of ‘That Mitchell and Webb look’ fame. Actually, that one still mystifies me. Sorry, Lyd. These days I only tend to use Facebook to keep in touch with groups of friends all in one go rather than via text, or for arranging meet ups with friends I should see far more often, and with super high settings on all my privacy, friends who I’ve not already connected with may struggle to track me down!

Twitter- I just did not get the idea of or buzz about Twitter when it first came out. I didn’t get the whole 140 character thing, nor the fact that you only see one half of conversations- could not get my head around that concept AT ALL. When I first started my other blog, Not Your Average Birders, in January last year, I set up a Twitter account to keep tabs on birdy and environmental goings on. I’d had a personal account before, but only ever used it to follow others rather than Tweet myself. I was amazed by the buzz that the blogging community has on Twitter, and even when my blogging frequently dies down, my Twitter account keeps me connected, and close to 800 people follow my birding only account. I think this has been successful as I’ve refined what I talk about and limited it only to birding/nature related issues, as well as keeping who I follow in the same vein. This does mean that now I have multiple accounts, keeping track of them all is a bit of a nightmare, but that’s something I hope to tackle in coming months. Getting up earlier may be a good start.

I also made some great connections with other bloggers through Twitter, including Kathy from Naturebites. Before I came across Kathy on Twitter, I had been feeling a bit of an oddity in the birding community. Firstly, being female and not dragged along by a husband but there of your own back, just doesn’t really happen, let alone being significantly younger than your average birder. I’d thought I was out there on my own until I discovered others on Twitter, and I even had the privilege of meeting Kathy in person when I called in to see the Tern colony at Cemlyn where Kathy was working as a warden. A connection I would never have made without social media.

That's Kathy and I in our birding finery. High fashion indeed.

That’s Kathy and I in our birding finery. High fashion indeed.

I think I came across Pinterest via an ad on Facebook, and initially I was hooked. It’s great for an online scrapbook, or for some craftspiration, but I’ve not really used it a great deal of late. When I get into the habit of logging in, I love it and can get obsessive about sorting boards and moving pins around. That addiction has waned, but I can see that it would be easy to slip back into!

Instagram is a new(ish) addition for me. I like sharing my photographs (although I’ve gone off the filter effects of late) and even if noone else is looking at them, for me it acts like an online photographic diary and I love going back through my old photos to see what I’ve been up to. I don’t feel this has the same sense of community as other platforms, but it is great for a good old nosy!

So there you go, a brief round up of Social Media and I. I’ve been amazed at the unexpected connections I’ve made.

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This post represents day nine of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium

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