Breakfast challenge

1 week. 7 days. 7 different breakfasts- go!

Day 1: Apple and cinnamon porridge with Earl Grey tea


Day 2: Porridge with stewed rhubarb, natural yoghurt, Earl Grey tea, cranberry juice, blog planning


Day 3: Weetabix, Natural Yoghurt, Blueberries, Cinnamon and fresh Black Coffee


Day 4: Seeded toast, Fried eggs, fresh blueberries and banana, PG Tips and blog updating


Day 5: Saturday treat- homemade latte, warm croissants and strawberry jam. Mmmm.


Day 6: Fresh banana, apple, blueberries and fruit yoghurt, french toast and a mug of Earl Grey


Day 7: Bank Holiday allows for a leisurely read of yesterday’s paper with chocolate All Bran, natural yoghurt, banana and a milky coffee in my favourite mug. More on that mug to follow at a later date.



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