Bank Holiday Fun- Part 3, Monday


Well today has been an unexpected treat. I volunteer a fair bit for the RSPB including with the Winchester Local Group. Find out more about that here. So today I agreed to help the group out with a stand at a local fete and I was expecting my day to be pretty uneventful. Turns out, bank holidays are great- the stand was outside in a lovely sunny spot. A day in the sunshine at a pretty standard British fete, including a lunch of a sausage baguette, tea in a polystyrene cup and a second hand book for 50p. I felt all old school English and things were topped off with an Oyster ice cream- remember them? The diet has well and truly gone out the window today, but Bank Hols are for enjoying the extra day off or so I keep telling myself. The park we were in also had this beautiful apple tree in full bloom. Lovely. I also spied my first swift of the year soaring in a beautiful blue sky. Welcome home, it was worth that trek on over from Africa after all.


I got home late in the afternoon to realise I’d forgotten my keys, so I had to laze about on the lawns outside the flat in the sunshine until the boyfriend Chris got home. Shame. I saw five buzzards soaring away and House Martins galore, which was really gorgeous. Plus I got to lie in the grass surrounded by daisies. Might have caught the sun a tad, but it feels like Spring is well and truly here at last. Two swifts may not make a summer but we may be nearly there.


I am loving the fact that #BEDM is getting me back into enjoying photography and documenting my life- I will share more photographs from today later in the week as I have lots that I really love. Once back in the flat, just in time for the end of today’s Giro stage, it was a quick session of cycling with a breeze through the windows and a baby Heineken in hand. I love these mini pilsje glasses we picked up in Amsterdam– perfect for a little afternoon beer. It may not look it in the photo but they are a tiny 150ml.


Brilliantly, the cycling finished in time for us to hang out the washing and potter into town for an afternoon tea for two. A lovely mix of crockery, and I love the white, textured platter the scone and toppings are on.


We ambled back to the flat slowly through the back streets of Winchester in the sun and came back to get Chris’s new record player working and we’re chilling out to Lana del Rey on vinyl as I type. There’s just time for a lovely dinner of trout followed by catching up on Game of Thrones our current obsession ahead of bed and back to work tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend?

This post represents day six of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium

5 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Fun- Part 3, Monday

    • You’re about where were at in GoT! We’re having to avoid trailers for the new season in case we see any spoilers. The vintage china was awesome. More photos later in the week 🙂

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