Bank Holiday Fun- Part 2, Sunday

A relaxed day, in contrast to Saturday’s cramming in of all sorts. After a late start and breakfast at home with my sister, I wandered to the shops for milk and a paper. Via the local car boot. I’d left it a bit late for a proper rummage for treasure to find as the sellers were mostly packed/packing up, but I did pick up a couple of pots of forget-me-nots for 50p a piece, as well as this gorgeous royal crockery which I promptly planted up with said forget-me-nots on my return home. I can’t wait for those sky blue flowers to appear on the balcony. I have such a weakness for royal china, and Charles and Di are my faves.


I continued my green fingered theme by potting on the little plug plants that arrived earlier in the week.


Our violas on the balcony are looking fab too, so I cut a few to bring indoors, and this teeny polka dot vase was perfect for the little blooms. Thanks Mum.
IMG_6696 IMG_6695 IMG_6693

This post represents day six of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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