Bank Holiday Fun- Part 1, Saturday

This day has been a-coming for a long time, and finally arrived. Tickets in hand, we trotted off to London for the spectacle that was The Mrs Carter Show. I headed up on the train with my sister and whilst she met up with friends, I had a plan and hot footed it across Waterloo Bridge to Lincoln’s Inn Fields to the Sir John Soane Museum more on that another day.

I love walking in London, you see so much more on foot that you would on the tube. I find when I get the tube, I just don’t join up where I am in relation to where I’ve come from. Somehow my mental map of London is vastly improved by being pedestrian. For years I got the tube from Waterloo to Covent Garden without a clue that it is literally the other side of the river. On this walk, I always enjoy the views of the South Bank and up river from Waterloo Bridge.






Next stop, Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The park in the square was filled with beautiful blossom. And frisky pigeons.




I love the terraces in this square, and the museum itself, if nothing but the eccentric odd-one-out, is surprisingly run of the mill from the outside, with no hint of the quirkiness that is going on behind its’ facade. The rain started to fall as I queued to get in.




After a whistle-top tour for a splash of inspiration and a reminder of how interesting this place is, I moved on. For coffee. Alone. I spend far too little time with myself these days, so an afternoon of doing my own thing was pure bliss. I enjoyed a lovely flat white and a banana at Caffè Fratelli on Aldwych (This goes recommended for a quick it stop, the lunches looked lovely) before returning to the South Bank to walk East to the Oxo building. I love the little shops this building holds, and I would have stopped longer if the wind wasn’t trying to share my underwear to the world. Note to self, skirts + wind do not = a good idea. The building has been beautifully converted. My aim was to find the Paul Catherall exhibition, but failed.






From the Oxo, I kept walking East to Tate Modern, for a trip to the bookshop- no time to stop for Lichtenstein unfortunately- one for another time perhaps. I’ve never noticed how beautiful the skinny silver birches between the Tate and the Thames are before- love the verticality.



Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Waterloo to meet the boyfriend and others and head to the O2 for the gig. I did manage to find the Paul Catherall exhibition on the way back, but only time for a fleeting browse round and bought a postcard- really lovely prints. Its amazing what you can fit into 3 hours when you try.

I’ve not been to the O2 since it was the Millenium Dome, way back when and that place is pretty much a village to itself with streets and everything. We stopped by Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner- my first visit and I will definitely be returning. Whilst others went for classic beef, but naked (without the bun, but with coleslaw and salad), I opted for the Captain Cook. Not just a snappy name, this special was filled with battered haddock, pickled onion and tartare sauce. I was suitably impressed.



Burgers scoffed and waistlines bulging, we headed to our seats. We may have opted for the cheap (relatively) seats but the view was still fantastic and wow, what a show. This lady can sing, dance, in heels, for a very long time, and for night after night in a row. I am in awe. Girl crush firmly in place, we legged it back to Waterloo for the midnight train home, and managed not to sleep past our stop.



IMG_6675IMG_6677 This post represents day six of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


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