A day in the life

Hmmm. This is a tricky one as my daily life is not at all really that exciting. However, I do have a mental wishlist of what I really ought to do in the mornings if I got my act together and dragged myself out of bed when my alarm goes off.

Scenario one
What my ideal start to the day in my dream life would look like:
6:45- alarm goes, I awake refreshed and bound out of bed for some awakening stretches, complete morning pages to clear the head and have an energising herbal cuppa.
7:15- shower, take time to pamper with body scrub, hair treatment and post shower moisturiser.
7:25- blow dry hair perfectly and get dressed into clothes chosen and laid out last night.
7:30- breakfast with a leisurely browse through yesterday’s paper and several cups of tea.
7:45- apply make up, brush teeth.
7:55- collect lunch prepared yesterday from fridge.
8:00- walk to work in the sunshine and bask in what an amazingly organised human I am *cue butterflies, birdsong, baby animals and the like*

Scenario two
A typical actual morning.
6:45- alarm. Feel tired. Snooze.
6:50- alarm. Snooze.
repeat above.
7:15- alarm. Switch off alarm and lie in bed with phone on Instagram/twitter/the Internet to catch up on what I probably already read last night. Snooze.
7:30- drag self out of bed and into shower.
7:45- dry hair very roughly. Faff. Realise the clothes I want to wear are in the laundry basket/ironing pile. Dress.
7:55- continue to procrastinate. More faffing.
8:10- boil kettle and down a bowl of cereal while making cup of tea.
8:15- catch BBC breakfast weather with Carol *pray that’s what I look like later in life* and have a few slurps of tea.
8:22- decide hair looks odd and tie up in a neat updo hurry.
8:25- apply make up in disorderly fashion. Decide clothes are terrible and get changed. Abandon clothes on bedroom floor and/or chair and leave barely started mug of tea somewhere in bedroom to forget about and go off for a few days.
8:35- realise I forgot about lunch. Throw together something from whatever is in fridge.
8:45- try to find glasses/keys/diary swear they were somewhere else. Find lost item.
8:55- brush teeth, grab handbag.
9:00- realise I forgot to wash up. Wash up.
9:10- find soggy overnight laundry in machine. Hang up.
9:20- leave house in flustered rush and walk to work.
9:30- get to work and tell self tomorrow I’ll get up as soon as my alarm goes off. Ahem.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this blog challenge so far it’s that I can fit in little extras like blogging around everything else quite easily. So scenario one could become the norm? Maybe not.

This post represents day three of Blog Every Day in May #BEDM with Rosalilium


12 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. Your mornings sound very like mine – it shows we have good intentions though, we do house stuff! I now set an alarm when it’s time for me to leave the house.

    • Yes, however much I try things never change. And you are right, good intentions- at least we get stuff done rather than leaving late and not achieving anything 🙂

  2. Scenario one sounds bliss, it’s the sort if thing I dream off. I’m very much like yourself….scenario two but with two demanding monsters thrown in the mix!!

    Kerri x

  3. how true all of this is!!!
    i dare not write down my typical day as i am so unorganised and do a lot of faffing and talking to goats…

  4. I have to agree, it made me chuckle. My ideal is something like scenario 1 involving a bit of stretching exercises, and walking to work learning german. My scenario 2 is a lot less complicated, sleep till far too late, stuff breakfast in quickly/skip it grabbing a cold bit of bread on the way out the door….drive to work shamefully.

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