Challenge- Blog every day in May

Blog Every Day in May with Rosalilium

Eek, here’s a commitment. I’ve signed up to Rosalilium‘s Blog Every Day in May and am very excited to be taking up the challenge- it should hopefully give me the motivation to really get back into blogging both here and less frequently over on Not Your Average Birders as well as finding some lovely new blogs to obsess over.

Here goes- I’m ready, are you?

Winchester Farmers’ Market- 28 April

Radishes and Rhubarb

Radishes and Rhubarb from Secrett’s Farm

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic farmers’ market right on our doorstep every fortnight. Today we took a wander into town to pick up some fresh from the farm veggies. Most of these were from our favourite veggie stall Secrett’s farm- purple and white sprouting broccoli, lettuce, cavalo nero, dill and a few stalks of rhubarb.  We also picked up a gorgeous selection of  Isle of Wight tomatoes. Can’t wait to get cooking, and looking forward to seeing what goodies are on offer in a fortnight’s time. Going to these markets regularly is a lovely way to buy local, in season produce and really encourages me to try new things. Never had cavolo nero before, but I will be checking out my Riverford Organics cookbook later on for some ideas.

Secrett's Farm, Surrey

Stall from Secrett’s Farm, Surrey

The sun also obliged in peeking out from behind the clouds on our return home to give me a chance to photograph our veggies on the balcony. Its making me hungry just looking at them.

Today's purchases

Today’s purchases- yum!

Mr B.

Very little makes me happier than watching a blackbird having a good old hop around a lawn. Not the most exciting of birds, I’ll admit but they are just so full of life and little quirks. That stroppy call when they are startled, the claiming territory tail bobs and how easily they can become over friendly.

I got home today to be greeted by a Mr Blackbird enjoying rooting around in the grass for a tasty worm snack. Lucky him.

I almost hate to say it, but Mrs Bs just don’t have the same appeal. I think its that beautiful orange beak and eyeliner- never fails to cheer me up on even the most rubbish of days.

Look at this handsome chappy. Gorgeous.